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23, Female

  • 5'4" - 5'7" (161-170cm)
  • Athletic
  • Caucasian

Lives Near

Kerang, Victoria

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I'm a 23yo Female in Kerang Victoria

Girls, keen for some kinky fun?

About me

A fun viabrant chick, always up for a good time. Things can get a little boring living in a tiny town with a full-time job, so hanging out with friends is a must :D I'm interested in the typical early-twenties, girly stuff like shopping, music, parties, movies, as well as keeping myself fit and happy with cardio classes, dancing and indoor soccer. I'm also a bit of an old lady in that i love my vegie patch, cooking, baking and getting crafty.
Health professional
University Degree

I am looking for a female

Activity Partner, Casual
18 to 35
A girl who respects herself, attractive, intelligent, and keen for a good time - whether that be a simple catch up over lunch, or getting frisky after a night out... I am interested in one-on-one with chicks, but also enjoy sharing the mischeif with my (male) partner, who likes just as much to be a part of the action as he does to simply watch... But we're doing the long-distance relationship thing atm, so having a friend (especially with benefits) would be nice ;)

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